- Added support for Opencart and
- Added support for PHP 7.4
- Minor bug fixes

- Fixed broken Instagram feed (支援新版 IG 串接)
- Minor bug fixes

- Fixed affiliate accounts for Opencart 3.X
- Moved blog month prefixes to the language file to make them translatable

- Better touch support to the price slider in product filter
- Changed Instagram feed to allow non-square media
- Fixed autocomplete serach for related blog posts
- Fixed bugs in the Filter module
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Added SEO reviews (Reviews in Opencart will now be visible for Goggle)
- Added product options to quickview popups
- Default category menus is now 3 levels deep
- Fixed bug in Ajax filter module when using a custom DB_prefix
- Live search now support arabic characters
- Minor CSS/JS fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Ajax Product Filter module removed
- RTL support added
- Ajax Product Filter module added
- Minor bug fixes

- Minor bug fixes
- Ajax Product Filter module removed
- Added option to assign product tabs on products in certain category
- Added autoplay option to carousel module
- Added option to turn off live price update on product pages
- Added product images to shopping cart on mobile devices
- Fixed bug in layout manager when using Opencart 2.3
- Fixed bug responsive layout on category wall
- Fixed login bug in One Page Checkout
- Minor CSS improvements

Version 1.2.4
- Changed checkout extension to a more stable version
- Added support for filters in a vertical layout
- Minor CSS and code improvements

Version 1.2.3
- Fixed bug with the Category module
- Added better support for PHP7
- Added full width menu dropdowns
- Minor CSS and code improvements

Version 1.2.2
- Updated the Instagram module to work with their API
- Zone/Country can now be disabled on checkout when using Basel Checkout + Opencart 3
- Basel Checkout now automatically scroll the user to highlight errors/missing fields

Version 1.2.1
- Minor bug fixes when using Opencart 3

Version 1.2
- Added One Page Checkout
- Added Out Of Stock labels
- Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.1
- Added support for Opencart 3.0.2
- Minor CSS improvements

Version 1.0
- Initial release

每一個 demo 都有開 admin 後台可以對照設定

帳號密碼 demo / demo


我個人最喜歡 Basel Content Builder

可匯入不同 demo 的設計區塊



相對簡單好上手的版型 (跟 Journal 比)

Basel 版型

  • NT$ 1,800 元